About us – CEDA
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First registered in 2009 as a Company Limited by Guarantee, Century Entrepreneurship Development Agency-CEDA International gained the Non Governmental Organization status in 2013. Based in Uganda, the Organization specializes in Education, Leadership, Mentoring and Social Entrepreneurship development for women and youth (girls and boys). It works in post-conflict areas of north and western Uganda, urban slum areas and economically disadvantaged rural communities throughout Uganda.

The organization’s strategic approach to development works through Mentorship, Training, Community Dialogues and Out-Reaches to design and implement projects in the areas of: financial literacy, employment creation for youth, gender economic empowerment, peace and security, quality education for girls, combating violent extremism, human trafficking and sexual exploitation and gender-based violence.

Our Mission:

“To develop and nurture entrepreneurial skills among people with emphasis on starting income generating activities that are sustainable in communities.”

The organization inspires and prepares people to become productive members of the society and succeed in a global economy as employees or entrepreneurs. CEDA International has become a centre of excellence for innovative entrepreneurship development in East Africa; and is greatly contributing to the bridging of leadership and employment gaps among youth and women by providing employment and job creation skills in order for them to become relevant and competitive in the job market.

Our Vision:

“To create a new generation of young leaders who are economically independent, socially responsible and politically active.”

The organization mentors youth and women to discover their life’s purposes, develop key leadership, vocational, entrepreneurship and life skills for a positive transition from school to work. Our fresh, bold and innovative programs in human capital development focus on inspiring, equipping youth and women with 21st Century Skills to enable them transform their thinking, take charge of their lives, lead change and make positive social impact in their communities.

Our belief :

“The strongest injustice facing Uganda and other African countries is not poverty, diseases, corruption, insecurity or lack of access to education, but, the more profound challenge is the failure of the education system to empower youth as leaders to solve those challenges.”

We use an innovative model, the 5D CYCLE® (Discover, Dream, Design, Develop Destinies). The Model supports people to Discover who they are, Dream Big, Design Goals and Action Plans, Develop key skills, habits and character that leads them to rewarding Destinies.

Theory Of Change:

“As a movement of inspired, active, skilled and engaged women entrepreneurs is built, their thinking will be re-framed to confidently take charge of their lives, build strong business partnerships and create collective actions towards community development.”

Over the past eight years, CEDA International has successfully designed and implemented programs impacting over 37,850 people in East Africa.

Contact Info

Tel: +256-312-103848
Mob: +256-780-926189
Email: info@ceda-uganda.org

P.O. BOX 26895 Kampala-Uganda

Plot 176, Kakungulu Road, Kibuli hill

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