Strengthening of Young Women’s Civic Participation & Leadership in Uganda – CEDA
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Strengthening of Young Women’s Civic Participation and Leadership in Uganda focuses on active citizenship for young university women to actively participate in the political elections as voters, civic educators, supporters or candidates. The project addresses impediments that limit young women from embracing electoral and democratic processes. The project strategic approach inspires and equips young women with key information, builds their leadership skills and provides supportive networks for peer-to-peer learning and connects them to experienced women leaders for mentorship.

The innovative project comprehensively equips the young women with skills to ignite their self-discovery, transform their thinking, develop their characters, self-confidence, take charge of their lives, and lead change and make positive social impact in their communities. The young women gain mobilization skills, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills, which are vital for their transition into the global world.

Currently funded by United Nations Democracy Fund-UNDEF, the project works in 10 universities targeting 1,500 young women 18-25 years. The innovative model, the 5D CYCLE® enables girls to Discover who they are, Dream about what they want to become, Design ways of achieving those dreams and Develop key skills and habits that will lead them to rewarding Destinies. Through mentorship, value-based leadership, life skills and civic education, the practical and experiential learning tools enable young women to ignite their inner potential, have access to positive role models.

The public speaking and debating competitions, art and poetry stimulate self-expression and self-confidence skills. Through the #WomenLeadUg Mentoring Clubs, the young women organize community dialogues, design communication campaigns, community civic education and engage community members to identify, design and implement solutions for specific challenges.

The young women participate in the Global Mentoring Walk, National Dialogue, Inter-University Debates and exposure visits to the Parliament of Uganda and Rwanda. The project has developed leadership capacities for the young women, with a profound milestone of 9 young women that won elective political positions and many more wining positions in University Guild Leadership and in the Local, National Youth Councils. 50 newly elected Members of Parliament, Local and Student Council have been mentored and empowered to successfully launch into their political careers.


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